In the opinion of specialist audio magazines the devices from GigaWatt are among the best in the world, both in terms of effectiveness and manufacturing quality, and even surpass the standards used in the branch setting new masters. This statement is confirmed by many reviews and prestigious awards given to GigaWatt products. You can find some of them below:

Audio Activity

Italy, July 2015


„As I had occasion to say to the Italian importer, it is unlikely that a number of components that are placed between the wall outlet and the audio devices do not impose their voice. In the case of the PC3 Evo you hear clearly a change in the sound; but it is immediatly obvious that the system becomes more quiet, so that a slight audible hum from the horns of the Davis Monitor 1, staying just ahead of the cabinet, has disappeared thanks to the PC3 Evo.

In other words, how the Gigawatt PC3 Evo changes the sound? In my system, it worked in the right direction, producing a “more human” sound, approaching it to the music as it is perceived in a theater. So, no dynamic compression (indeed, since the equipment becomes very quiet, you might hear some very weak signals that, in other occasions, are hidden by the noise), no major interventions that alter the signal, but just some minor modifications to the frequency response, which leads to lighten a bit the medium-low at the crossing with the mid, but leaves intact all what is between the deep bass and the medium-low. The top range is of excellent quality, although in its extreme part is certainly less present; while exalted a little the mid-high range, sounding as a modern concert hall, with audience around us.”

„Test it in your system, if you have the chance.”

Author: Domenico Pizzamiglio
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Positive Feedback

USA March/April 2013


Once I returned to my system for more attentive listening I noted all the sorts of things one associates with a good power line conditioner and it didn’t matter whether I played WAV files vinyl or the silver stuff. The goodness was more or less the same regardless of source. Most obvious was an overall reduction in low-level line noise that allowed for greater insight into recordings. Music playback became bigger, more immediate and also clearer, more intelligible and focused without any negative effect on drive and momentum. Textures were more realistic. Dynamics improved too. There seemed greater range between soft and loud. Drums and percussive instruments had more bite and snap and greater sense of liveliness. The PC-3 EVO also removed a mild electronic edge that was particularly noticeable on voices and strings. It’s one of those seemingly minor things you either don’t notice or learn to tune out until it’s reduced or removed all together.

However, the real surprise was in areas that I don’t normally associate with PLCs. Bass weight and articulation was superb and might be the best I have heard yet in my system, particularly from my REL subs. It’s not so much that bass was deeper but rather it was more visceral with greater pitch definition a more realistic sense of flow. Vocal and instrumental images were denser more robust and tactile. Timbre or tone color was more intense too. Going through my rough notes, “flesh and blood” was an oft repeated phrase. Overall the musical message was clearer, more life-like and more revealing of textures and nuance.

Author: Paul Candy
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pcevo_reckaPC-3 EVO
Hi Fi i Muzyka, Poland , January 2013 AWARD OF THE YEAR: category “Power Conditioners”

Gigawatt is most probably the best recognizable Polish Hi-Fi equipment manufacturer. The products of the company are exported to 23 countries over the whole world. Innovative solutions backed with experience in power devices, as well as very thought through development of their portfolio, led to GigaWatt being named at the same level as the most renowned manufacturers of power accessories.

In the catalog special role was always played by the power strips and conditioners, and the PC-3 EVO will probably be one of the biggest hits of the Lodz based factory. When we plug it into our system we do not need to think about what has changed. The effect is immediate, and the return to another solution – even if only for comparison reasons – painful. With the LC-2 Mk2 power cable the conditioner brings the sound of the system to another level. We have an impression, as if somebody would change all of our cables for better ones.

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pcevo_reckaPC-3 EVO
Hi Fi i Muzyka
Poland , May 2012

“The priorities were put very clear: dynamics, transparency and space. The increase of the sound quality after plugging the GigaWatt into our system was clear, and in some sense indisputable. If the sound stage would get closer or further away from the listener, everyone would be able to assess this parameter through the prism of individual preference. But here the change is based on the increase of sharpness of localization of the individual sound sources and better separation of the musicians from each other. The PC-3 EVO made the background darker, and the instruments – clearer, more realistic and convincing. The GigaWatt puts us in a situation, which does not leave space for discussion. If the sound is clearer, more dynamic, full of detail and truth, then it is better.”
“Near the end of the test I decided to make a small experiment and change the conditioner for a standard power strip and computer cables. The sound collapsed in such a way, that I could not hold it out for five minutes. You tend to get accustomed to something better quickly.”

Author: Tomasz Karasiński
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pcevo_reckaPC-3 EVO
Magazyn HiFi

Poland, March 2012
Opinion 1
“When listening into the details, the differences turned out possible to discern. All that I lost on the previous changed returned. On one hand I noticed a bettering of the reverberation aura, vividness and length of decay; on the other I had the impression of improved dynamics. I know, this sounds very serious, this is why I want to clearly underline, that the changes were subtle, not comparable to changing an amplifier. But it is worth remembering, that they appeared after changing from very bad power accessories, which would not have been used by any audiophile, who calls himself with that name.
Yet the sum of all small things usually comes together into one whole, and this whole including the GigaWatt (and its power cord) was positive. To such an extent, that there was no return to the plastic power strip. The sound with the conditioner is taken as something obvious, and the return to a bad wire results in an anemic sound. A similar result can be achieved, including in a system a sound source of lesser quality. The GigaWatt was especially beneficial to acoustic music, where the most subtle reverberations are being followed, the sound of strings or timbre of an harpsichord.”


Author: Alek Rachwald

Opinion 2
“One might find this illogical, that if something is good, when it does not change much. But this is exactly the case with the influence of a passive mains filter – it removes what it has to remove, and if it does add something from itself, then not much. Transparency is a very desired characteristic. The sound became clearer and more resolving. I was sure, the sound gained on clarity. The definition of the lower octaves bettered; in the contrabass you could hear more the strings than the resonance of the body. The PC-3 EVO improved dynamics and gave a sense of greater clarity.”


Author: Aleksandra Chilińska
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pcevo_reckaPC-3 EVO
Salon Audio Video
Russia, December 2011

“The result clearly contradicts the common belief, that all filters, and similar devices, devour dynamics. It turns out not to be true. Extreme signal jumps are reproduced with the same speed as when the device is connected directly to mains. Additionally, with the GigaWatt the bass became deeper and clearer, maybe because the component of interference got lesser.”

“With symphonic music, the spectrum of the instruments became a bit more visible in the midrange, and the timbre and shades of the vocals – richer. At the same time some nuances were pushed out, for example the movements of the violin bow, which were almost unnoticeable before. Chamber music recordings became more transparent, the second plane details more audible; opening of the mouths of the vocalists, breaths into the microphone and similar details. Let us agree with this, this is a very good compromise, as the main function of the devices similar to the GigaWatt PC-3 EVO is a kind of protection and safe connection of expensive gear in such a way, that it’s performance gets least deteriorated. And in this case this is successful in almost one hundred percent.”

Author: Nikolay Efremov
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High Fidelity No. 89,

September 2011

“Also plugging in the PC-3 EVO to my system, well “supplied” in terms of power, resulted in concrete, unanimous modifications of its sound – for the money unanimously and indisputably positive ones.”
“(…) in fact listening to music with Gigawatt we do not engage in analysis of the timbre, but we look at the same musical material under a different angle, from a slightly different perspective. (…) The sound we get is closer to us, is more palpable and nicer.”
“This is audible best when we listen to Gigawatt comparing to some cheaper power strip, with a cheaper power cable – like with the mentioned Oyaide set. This is still a very good set, my second choice, when we are talking about expensive systems, but much lesser than the reference system. And compared that, we can really hear what Gigawatt proposes, and why it is worth to pay for it almost EUR 3.300.”
“The sound with it, in such comparison, seems cleaner and (yes!) more resolved. This is mostly the result of a slight exposure of the individual instruments, their “own” sound at the expense of the acoustic environment. This results in a splendidly shown, nice, dynamic piano in recordings so distant in terms of the way of recording and time as those from the discs Moon Beams The Bill Evans Trio and Songbird Eva Cassidy. The dark, warm disc of Evans sound slightly softer, in a slightly more open way, as if the instruments would be slightly embossed, slightly pushed forward. The already mentioned disc of Audiofeels (…) sounded in a very credible way, it could be heard, that this is a meeting of a few guys who met to sing (play) together, that there is a kind of tension between them.”
“The Oyaide seemed to be the bottleneck. The Gigawatt sounded in a more open and resolved way. It was also unanimously more “three-dimensional”, the shapes were shown clearer and more unequivocal. The change seemed not be big, but you listened to everything in a completely new, comfortable way.”
“The sound of the system is very vivid and “clean”. This cleanness is not clinical, what would mean in fact depriving the sound from the flesh, but it is rather showing the depth of the sound, its physicality. Were those voices, or piano or finally the contrabass, especially important on the discs of Evans and the Modern Jazz Quartet, with Gigawatt they gained depth and mass.”

Author: Wojciech Pacuła – “HIGH FIDELITY”
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PC-3EVO HiFiChoice_2008-01-07

Hi Fi Choice, 
January 2009

  HiFi Choice najlepszy-zakup

“30 kilograms of weight clearly indicates, that we do not deal with a run-of-the-mill unit here. Inside we did not find any lead pellets, only technological advancement and high quality passive filters.”
“After long time of burning-in of the splinter new conditioner, we have started the listening sessions. PC-3 was used to power the whole home cinema installation, including the LCD screen. We are convinced, that the GigaWatt does its job well. When we disconnected the audio gear from it, and plugged it back to the wall sockets, we felt slight discomfort, that grew on us in time. The sound with the conditioner gained on directness and cleanness, became less nervous and more balanced. On the LCD screen we noticed more stable and fluent picture and much better sharpness and vivid colors.”

“PC-3 has a positive influence on all AV systems. It clearly betters their performance.”

Author: Arkadiusz Ogrodnik – “HI-FI CHOICE”
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